About Michelle

Michelle graduated from CSUN (South California University) with a BS in Psychology and a minor in Health Science. She received her Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist from AFNA (The American Fitness And Nutrition Academy) and also holds diploma in Integrated Kettleball Training and TRX. Michelle is a certified Life Coach by the Life Coach Institute of Orange County, certified NLP Coach, she took several courses in Kinesiology, and has a CPR/AED certification. Michelle is a regular participant in NPC Bikini Shows and took the first place in the West Coast NPC competition. Her participation in athletics throughout her life has taught her the importance of physical fitness and healthy lifestyle. She enjoys working with a variety of clients and takes pride in meeting clients’ individual needs. Michelle believes that with the right dedication, work ethic, guidance and nutrition, all clients’ fitness goals can be reached. She possesses the knowledge of the human body as well as the proper techniques to improve quality of life. Michelle performs physical assessments on all her clients and based on those measurements she designs an individualized training program and nutritional plan. On her spare time Michelle enjoys spending time with her husband and their three kids, cooking and traveling. Together, Michelle and her clients’, work to accomplish their fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.